Improving Patient Payments

RecoveryPay offers both frontend and backend billing and payment assistance.

Frontend Payment Assistance

Automated payment plans and processing

During setup, we work closely with facilities to set up our proprietary automated payment plan system. You will receive a login to our platform where your admissions reps will be able to quickly and easily put together payment plans and send them for execution to patients.

RecoveryPay then automatically processes all monthly payments and, in the event of a missed payment, automatically follow up with the patient and place them in our statement queue.

Backend Compliance and Payment Processing

Automatic statement mailing and payment processing for unpaid patient financial responsibility after completion of care.
Hassle Free Payments

RecoveryPay automatically pulls outstanding patient responsibility amounts directly from your clearing house provider such as CollabMD. We then integrate this data into our system and begin mailing statements to patients to ensure compliance and begin receiving payments.

RecoveryPay handles all aspects of processing and posting payments ensuring all that our facility partners need to do is sit back and collect their payments.

Simplified Processing

RecoveryPay processes payments in batches to help reduce processing costs. A savings we pass on to our partner facilities. We make it simple to receive payments and ensure your team can focus on clinical and operational excellence.

Partner facilities will receive monthly batch payments from RecoveryPay. All fees are taken directly from this payment, you will never have to make a payment to RecoveryPay guaranteed!

Simple and Fair Pricing

Our pricing is simple. We charge 10% of the amounts we process and we pass through our actual credit card fees and the cost to mail statements. That's it. No hidden fees or costs. No scaling flat fees. Nothing

10% of Payments + Credit Card & Postage Costs

All of our fees are deducted from the payments we process. If you don't collect anythign with us you will never owe a cent. We are committed to delivering results for our partners.

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